Horny Halloween…

I was walking near Oxford Circus today and I was nearly run over by a walking Pumpkin…Yes, Pumpkin.

I asked one of the Pumpkins, I mean masked person what they were doing. He said, they were doing a promotion for a new series on Fox- called American Ghost Stories. Scary…



Would you cry if she died…?

As you know, I LOVE listening to conversations during my daily commutes- it keeps me entertained. The other day I was on the bus and was extremely concerned about what I heard.

There were two Girls on the bus sitting opposite me, talking really loudly and slightly oblivious to those around them.

Girl 1:’Would you cry if she died?’

Girl 2: Hmmm, yeah probably- I mean it would be sad. I would get over it though.

Girl2: I mean I would feel bad for calling her fat I guess. Yes, I would feel bad.

Girl1: Have you seen what she wears though? Hahahaa.

Then I looked at them and had to shake my head. They both fell silent and literally were lost for words. I then got off the bus. They probably resumed their conversation, but at least they thought about their behaviour for a few minutes. I felt I should have done more, but lecturing them would probably have sent them into a resounding chorus of ‘tuts’ and ‘whatevers’.

Sometimes, you need to give a Bully a mirror…


Her eyes tell her story.

I went to Selfridges with my sister, at the Nars make up counter- I was bored. I flicked through the book on the side, ‘Make your mind express yourself’. Interesting title I thought, so i proceeded to turn the pages. Each page was filled with ‘ordinary’ people without make up then the next page with Nars make up on.  On each page was also a piece of see-through film with notation and illustrations- when placed over the newly Narsed face, it revealed what methods and type of make up was used to create the look.  A simple concept, beautifully done…

There was one page which caught my eye and I couldn’t help but stare. The girl had smooth mahogany skin and electric green eyes, I was stunned.  I still am stunned…

I can’t help but stare. Her gaze holds me, allowing me to become swept into her story. There’s just something about seeing unexpected coloured eyes on an unexpected person. I really can’t explain…

One, two, three, four, five and SIX!

It’s my older sisters birthday today, I won’t reveal her age. She lugged me with her to the West End. Now I’m not the best of shoppers, I’m usually the person you see slouched on the chair or furiously pacing the shop floor with phone in hand and another eye on the clock. I’m just not programmed like other girls to try on clothes then try them on another three times. Admittedly, I like buying clothes I just don’t like the process…

So, the West End. My sister managed to trap me there for six hours!! My sister has extremely exquisite fashion taste, so what may look beautiful to her, usually looks, well… Quite strange to me. As it was her birthday, I decided to put my rose tinted glasses on and visualise the shopping experience through her eyes. Lets just say, my eyes were genuinely surprised.

Our first stop was Topshop, the home of girls, women and anyone in between. I’m not a fashion ageist (if that is even a term), I even saw a few elderly women in the changing room. I guess fashion is fashion right? However,  I don’t know how I would feel if  I saw my Grandma in leggings, an over sized t-shirt and knee high boots. Each to their own…eh?

The changing rooms are a place most women fear. Dripping with sweat, inhaling other bodily odurs, depressed by the illuminating spotlight pounding against the fall length mirror. The changing room is like a magnifying glass, it exemplifies that spot you’ve been trying to hide or those love handles that just won’t hold onto those new jeans… It feels like a sauna and with sweat dripping down your face- the sales advisors are always there to lift your spirits and persuade you to buy that top that would look better on your 8 year old sister.  My sister found some really beautiful items in Topshop, I was really pleased because I thought that meant the shopping trip was nearing the end. Wrong!! My sister was indecisive about the clothes and insisted on ‘putting them on hold’. ‘WHY?’ I screamed. With items on hold, I knew the shopping trip had only just begun…


I demanded we visit H’n’M, I’m on a budget right now so I try and hunt out beautiful bargains and H’n’M sometimes has a few hidden gems, well more like bronzed diamonds. I managed to find a dress for my graduation (will post a picture later), smiling from ear to ear I ran to the changing room and dragged my sister by the arm. Just as my sister was about to join me in the changing room, the changing room assistant bellowed ‘5 items needed, or you can’t go in’. She threw a whole concoction of items into her hands, consisting of over sized jeggings, a lime green skirt and a jumpsuit which looked more like Krusty the clown’s pajamas.  My dress fit like a glove, my sister agreed.

The rest of the shopping trip was a bit of a blur, my stomach wouldn’t stop rumbling, my stomach kept rumbling and ummm… I was HUNGRY! I fought through the pain, who else was going to advise my sister on what belt to choose? 25 mins of deliberation and she decided that the black belt ‘just didn’t fit right’. Hmmm…

After six hours and six shops later it was nearly over, until my sister remembered the items she put on hold in Topshop. With my stomach now raging, I refused to go back inside Topshop, and waited patiently outside. I waited for 30mins, when my sister emerged she was not convinced with her purchase. I glared at her blankly, sighed and insisted on going home.

My sister has just told me that she’s going to return the jumper she bought from Topshop… It just doesn’t look right.

Guess who’s back…?

I have been away for too long. My mum, my friends, my mums friends who don’t even know me, my conscience, my laptop have all rallied together to get me blogging again! I’ve got soo many things I want to talk about, probably won’t be able to shut me up now. Woop.

Don’t forget to bring it!! 😉

There’s something about Market Traders…

Just because they can help you find a needle in a haystack.

Just because they are a commodity in their own right.

Just because they can ‘wow’ you at a blink of an eye.

Just because their advice can change your life.

Just because they are like an encyclopaedia waiting to be opened.

Just because they believe everyone is special.

Just because conforming is not an option.

Just because they understand you, even when you don’t.

Just because they unite undiscovered friends.

Just because it’s not a job, it’s a way of life.

Spitalfields Market is about You…so go and discover it!

Someone has to do it!

Youtube seems to be one of my best friends at the moment. I use it a lot for research- I do!!

I stumbled across this!

Amazing!!!!!! I want to leave my job like that. Ahhh he stole all of the snacks!! Surely someone must have seen the camera man though. I’m just going to keep thinking that his friend was invisible it makes me happy haha!

Another exit to make you smile!

Umm I’m slightly scared-I hope he’s ok.

Another one, the guy in this one looks like he is having a lot of fun!!!

I’m guessing he didn’t get a brilliant reference from his boss. Very creative way to leave though!

I don’t think I’m brave enough to leave my job, but when I am I’m going to do it in style! Umm I will probably only say goodbye to two of my managers…because I’m a rebel like that!!