Not so ‘Precious’ in London

Just went to see Precious at The Vue in Angel, Islington. Amaaaazing venue-never had so much leg room in my life. Thumbs up for that!! However, I was searching online/ringing up cinemas for a whole day to try to find tickets for the Oscar nominated film, not because of  an influx in ticket sales, but because it was only showing in selected cinemas! I was shocked , all the adverts and interviews surrounding the films release had amounted to nothing. I even tried to find tickets for next week and some cinemas did not even have it scheduled for release next week. Why is this?? If the film is Oscar worthy…why is it being hidden from the British public?

The film touched on so many issues which many would choose to keep locked up, by bringing these issues to light it gave those people who have been afraid to openly talk about their experiences a voice!

Precious is an unsung hero!

The opening scene catapults you into the unstable life of Precious. We instantly gain an insight into her troubled and abusive home in which she is over fed and neglected by her parents. The horrific scenes of sexual and physical abuse will almost certainly bring you to tears. It felt as though I was a fly on the wall during every scene of the film. The emotive script and believable characters will definitely immerse you into every scene.

The film really homes in on issues which most films tend to ignore. For once you are given a film experience where you don’t come out wishing you could be like the character or have a particular lifestyle…but you hopefully appreciate what you do have.

The only negative I can say about my experience whilst watching the film was the audience. The audience did not seem to relate to the characters and plot like I did. They would laugh at very inappropriate moments, like when Precious was being physically abused or when she was struggling to read. There were two girls sitting behind me who burst into fits of laugher when Precious would pronounce a word in her stong Brooklyn accent that they did not understand. They started to mimic her voice and one commented ‘shes actually really big’, they seemed to find a very serious film unexpectedly funny. This definitely baffled me!!

Many people in the audience found the accent of one of the characters utterly amusing. The girl had a strong Jamaican accent, and  when she spoke many people from the audience would burst into laughter. Surely this was not the first time they had heard a Jamaican accent? Yes I understand that ‘Jamaican English’ does sound different and the words are pronounced differently. But surely people should embrace unfamiliar cultures not mock them.

 I thought I was living in the famous multi-cultural city we call London…it certainly didn’t feel like it tonight.





    • jasmine
    • February 18th, 2010

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    • jasmine
    • February 18th, 2010

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    • SOO
    • April 16th, 2010

    I also watched this movie- and loved it too:)

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