Fat around the edges

This week I was feeling quite sporty…well to be honest I have started to notice a bit of ‘fat around the edges’ and thought it was time to slice some of it away!!  Soo my friend Vanessa suggested that we go to a spinning class. SPINNING??!! I had heard horror stories about this form of exercise, one of my sisters friends threw up after a session of spinning.                                  

  Of course when Vanessa asked if I wanted to go I textd ‘yeah sure…im up for it’. But gradually throughout the day I txtd subtle hints regarding the intensity and torture of Spinning!!

When we arrived at the leisure centre there was a maaaasive que, and by the time we got served by the ‘manboy’ he said the spinning class was full. My heart skipped with delight. Then the ‘manboy’ suggested we try STEP Aerobics! All I knew about this class was that you use a little step thing and go up and down a few times. This was going to be easy- so I said ‘yeaaaah lets do it’!! Little did I know that it would be a physical draining exercise!!

The class was full of different types of women from various backgrounds. There was a fitness fanatic (i say this because she knew evry move PERFECTLY). There was a group of mums who huddled in the corner and all seemed to make mistakes at the same time. Although everyone was different they all had one thing in common- they were ready to STEP.

When the workout began I found it quite easy, I could even do a few of the moves like the grapevine and the shuffle step on the step block. The class soon picked up pace and I found myself frequently gazing aimlessly at the instructor for support. She would casually shout ‘you are doing well-keep it up’. Couldn’t she see me- my arms and legs were everywhere and I couldn’t even keep uup with the ‘easy L’ or the ‘shuffle kicks’. I looked a HOT MESS!!!

When the class finished I was dripping with sweat and slightly confused as to why I put myself through it.

I lift my hat off to those who are able to endure step aerobics!!

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