A Zulu in Woodford Green

Whoever said freedom of speech was becoming  more scarce is a LIAR!

Its Friday afternoon and I am waiting for the 179 bus to go into South Woodford. It surprises me by turning up 5 mins early- YAY179 and London Transport!!

As I step onto the bus I hear a muffled angry voice through my earphones (oh how I wish they were ipod earphones-sigh). I frantically search for my oyster card, as the bus drivers stare is enough to make anyone sweat!!

I sit down. My phone rings, it is my mum…great!

The angry voice gets louder, I turn to face the noise. The man then screams ‘oh look we have another one joining the bus’. To be fair I am a bit bemused by this comment and continue talking to my mum about what I am going to buy for lunch. The old crinkled man starts to shout even louder and says ‘ why don’t you Zulu’s head off back to Africa, you’ve been here since 1948 I think its time you went home’. At this point I felt it necessary to inteverne…and so did my mum although her input fell on deaf ears.

Just as I cleared my throat and was about to unleash a whirlwind of abuse…a black lady stole my thunder. She started shouting back things like ‘you racist, get off the bus, no-one wants to hear your sh-well you get the point right?

The man (not that he’s even worth that title) hurled more abuse at us. I say us because it was just me and this woman who he angrily ping- ponged his fury at!

‘You N****** need to get out!’ ‘The world is a mess now that we have a n****** running our country and the world!’ Im loving how he has time to acknowledge Obama Obama Obama-

Those are just some of the ‘nice’ things he said!

My mum and I were discussing the fiasco in immense detail as it happened over the phone!

I was really shocked that no-one on the bus said anything to the man-not even the lady sitting next to him. The commuters were determined to remain invisible by painting shapes on the window or by glaring at the window as if it were a tv screen! Yes they may have been scared…but I think to be fair as long as you had the same colour skin you were pretty safe.

The bus driver finally stopped the bus, in my opinion only because the woman and I were shouting ‘you need to get this man on the bus.’ The man wandered off still spitting abuse as he left. The doors closed. The bus continued with its journey, and the commuters didn’t even flinch or raise an eyebrow.

Just another day in the uneventful town of Woodford Green!

    • jasmine
    • March 28th, 2010

    what a f***er i would be in jail for that crap! livid! sorry to hear that mess.

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