I want these things!!

Ok, my blog isn’t turning into some sort of fashionista hit/miss what not to wear kind of thing. But I like clothes and shoes and bags and clothes and music… 

 I don’t ask for much, I just want (need) a few essential items to brighten up my wardrobe and make me smile. 

I need THESE jeans in my life!! They are skinny, long and an amazing blue! 

Urban Outfitters

My only bug bear about these jeans…I hope they don’t start to sag in the crutch area after a few washes-because skinny jeans are known for that!! 

I stumbled across these lovely specimens in the Carvela section of Kurt Geiger!! I tried them on, and they fitted better than a glove! 


However,  priced at £75.00 I was not willing to part with my money and had to whisper ‘I will be back later for them’ to the shop assistant. I know she knew that I wouldn’t be coming back. I did creep back in later on just to get another peek at them and I noticed that they had a pen mark on the price tag which usually means one thing…they are going in the SALE!!! Fingers crossed on Monday they will be mine!! 

I somehow ended up in topshop, and true to the name I fell in love with soo many of their tops!!! I’m really liking all these crop tops at the moment!! 


Although I don’t have the flattest stomach, I feel that crop tops are made for us girls who have a bit of fat around the edges! I just have to make sure I pull my jeans or skirt up a little higher to conceal the not so flat part of my stomach. 

Another topshop beauty which really encapsulates my style at the moment. 

Simple, but with a twist. 

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