Bit too much brown on him!

Soo it was just the ordinary Saturday afternoon in South Woodford, I was waiting at a bus stop listening to a group of orange girls (they had soo much fake tan on) discuss their ‘relationship’ issues! They looked about 15-16, what do they know about relationships…probably more than me haha!!

Then the girls noticed two of their school friends and shouted ‘oi’ to get their attention. It worked, and the girls ran to meet them. The girls asked their school friends what they were doing. One of the friends said she had just been shopping in the West End. The orange girls sang in unison ‘who did you go with’? The friend stuttered ‘I went by myself’. The look of horror on the orange girls faces. They laughed, then crunched their faces all at the same time. ‘ Ummm who does that-you’re a bit sad- couldn’t you call someone to go with you?’ The conversation died very quickly and the two school friends sped off into the distance.

The orange girls got on my bus. Two of the girls plunked themselves next to a window and used the reflection to help them apply their blusher-not that it helped. One of the girls suddenly stopped and removed the brush from her face. ‘oi girls look at that peng boy leaning on the lampost’. Her friend turned and said’ the one with the black coat?’ ‘Yeah…him’. Her friend whispered ‘he’s a bit, umm you know’. ‘What?’ ‘ Well he has a bit too much brown on him’. She looked at me, I looked at her. I was curious to see who this boy was and how his clothes were ruining his looks so I stretched my neck and took a quick glance.

The boy looked Asian, I guess the girl was referring to his complexion because he didn’t have on any brown c lothes! SHOCKING! Well I wonder what she thought of me!!

Woodford never seizes to amaze me!

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