Her eyes tell her story.

I went to Selfridges with my sister, at the Nars make up counter- I was bored. I flicked through the book on the side, ‘Make your mind express yourself’. Interesting title I thought, so i proceeded to turn the pages. Each page was filled with ‘ordinary’ people without make up then the next page with Nars make up on.  On each page was also a piece of see-through film with notation and illustrations- when placed over the newly Narsed face, it revealed what methods and type of make up was used to create the look.  A simple concept, beautifully done…

There was one page which caught my eye and I couldn’t help but stare. The girl had smooth mahogany skin and electric green eyes, I was stunned.  I still am stunned…

I can’t help but stare. Her gaze holds me, allowing me to become swept into her story. There’s just something about seeing unexpected coloured eyes on an unexpected person. I really can’t explain…

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