Bit too much brown on him!

Soo it was just the ordinary Saturday afternoon in South Woodford, I was waiting at a bus stop listening to a group of orange girls (they had soo much fake tan on) discuss their ‘relationship’ issues! They looked about 15-16, what do they know about relationships…probably more than me haha!!

Then the girls noticed two of their school friends and shouted ‘oi’ to get their attention. It worked, and the girls ran to meet them. The girls asked their school friends what they were doing. One of the friends said she had just been shopping in the West End. The orange girls sang in unison ‘who did you go with’? The friend stuttered ‘I went by myself’. The look of horror on the orange girls faces. They laughed, then crunched their faces all at the same time. ‘ Ummm who does that-you’re a bit sad- couldn’t you call someone to go with you?’ The conversation died very quickly and the two school friends sped off into the distance.

The orange girls got on my bus. Two of the girls plunked themselves next to a window and used the reflection to help them apply their blusher-not that it helped. One of the girls suddenly stopped and removed the brush from her face. ‘oi girls look at that peng boy leaning on the lampost’. Her friend turned and said’ the one with the black coat?’ ‘Yeah…him’. Her friend whispered ‘he’s a bit, umm you know’. ‘What?’ ‘ Well he has a bit too much brown on him’. She looked at me, I looked at her. I was curious to see who this boy was and how his clothes were ruining his looks so I stretched my neck and took a quick glance.

The boy looked Asian, I guess the girl was referring to his complexion because he didn’t have on any brown c lothes! SHOCKING! Well I wonder what she thought of me!!

Woodford never seizes to amaze me!


I want these things!!

Ok, my blog isn’t turning into some sort of fashionista hit/miss what not to wear kind of thing. But I like clothes and shoes and bags and clothes and music… 

 I don’t ask for much, I just want (need) a few essential items to brighten up my wardrobe and make me smile. 

I need THESE jeans in my life!! They are skinny, long and an amazing blue! 

Urban Outfitters

My only bug bear about these jeans…I hope they don’t start to sag in the crutch area after a few washes-because skinny jeans are known for that!! 

I stumbled across these lovely specimens in the Carvela section of Kurt Geiger!! I tried them on, and they fitted better than a glove! 


However,  priced at £75.00 I was not willing to part with my money and had to whisper ‘I will be back later for them’ to the shop assistant. I know she knew that I wouldn’t be coming back. I did creep back in later on just to get another peek at them and I noticed that they had a pen mark on the price tag which usually means one thing…they are going in the SALE!!! Fingers crossed on Monday they will be mine!! 

I somehow ended up in topshop, and true to the name I fell in love with soo many of their tops!!! I’m really liking all these crop tops at the moment!! 


Although I don’t have the flattest stomach, I feel that crop tops are made for us girls who have a bit of fat around the edges! I just have to make sure I pull my jeans or skirt up a little higher to conceal the not so flat part of my stomach. 

Another topshop beauty which really encapsulates my style at the moment. 

Simple, but with a twist. 

A Zulu in Woodford Green

Whoever said freedom of speech was becoming  more scarce is a LIAR!

Its Friday afternoon and I am waiting for the 179 bus to go into South Woodford. It surprises me by turning up 5 mins early- YAY179 and London Transport!!

As I step onto the bus I hear a muffled angry voice through my earphones (oh how I wish they were ipod earphones-sigh). I frantically search for my oyster card, as the bus drivers stare is enough to make anyone sweat!!

I sit down. My phone rings, it is my mum…great!

The angry voice gets louder, I turn to face the noise. The man then screams ‘oh look we have another one joining the bus’. To be fair I am a bit bemused by this comment and continue talking to my mum about what I am going to buy for lunch. The old crinkled man starts to shout even louder and says ‘ why don’t you Zulu’s head off back to Africa, you’ve been here since 1948 I think its time you went home’. At this point I felt it necessary to inteverne…and so did my mum although her input fell on deaf ears.

Just as I cleared my throat and was about to unleash a whirlwind of abuse…a black lady stole my thunder. She started shouting back things like ‘you racist, get off the bus, no-one wants to hear your sh-well you get the point right?

The man (not that he’s even worth that title) hurled more abuse at us. I say us because it was just me and this woman who he angrily ping- ponged his fury at!

‘You N****** need to get out!’ ‘The world is a mess now that we have a n****** running our country and the world!’ Im loving how he has time to acknowledge Obama Obama Obama-

Those are just some of the ‘nice’ things he said!

My mum and I were discussing the fiasco in immense detail as it happened over the phone!

I was really shocked that no-one on the bus said anything to the man-not even the lady sitting next to him. The commuters were determined to remain invisible by painting shapes on the window or by glaring at the window as if it were a tv screen! Yes they may have been scared…but I think to be fair as long as you had the same colour skin you were pretty safe.

The bus driver finally stopped the bus, in my opinion only because the woman and I were shouting ‘you need to get this man on the bus.’ The man wandered off still spitting abuse as he left. The doors closed. The bus continued with its journey, and the commuters didn’t even flinch or raise an eyebrow.

Just another day in the uneventful town of Woodford Green!

Fat around the edges

This week I was feeling quite sporty…well to be honest I have started to notice a bit of ‘fat around the edges’ and thought it was time to slice some of it away!!  Soo my friend Vanessa suggested that we go to a spinning class. SPINNING??!! I had heard horror stories about this form of exercise, one of my sisters friends threw up after a session of spinning.                                  

  Of course when Vanessa asked if I wanted to go I textd ‘yeah sure…im up for it’. But gradually throughout the day I txtd subtle hints regarding the intensity and torture of Spinning!!

When we arrived at the leisure centre there was a maaaasive que, and by the time we got served by the ‘manboy’ he said the spinning class was full. My heart skipped with delight. Then the ‘manboy’ suggested we try STEP Aerobics! All I knew about this class was that you use a little step thing and go up and down a few times. This was going to be easy- so I said ‘yeaaaah lets do it’!! Little did I know that it would be a physical draining exercise!!

The class was full of different types of women from various backgrounds. There was a fitness fanatic (i say this because she knew evry move PERFECTLY). There was a group of mums who huddled in the corner and all seemed to make mistakes at the same time. Although everyone was different they all had one thing in common- they were ready to STEP.

When the workout began I found it quite easy, I could even do a few of the moves like the grapevine and the shuffle step on the step block. The class soon picked up pace and I found myself frequently gazing aimlessly at the instructor for support. She would casually shout ‘you are doing well-keep it up’. Couldn’t she see me- my arms and legs were everywhere and I couldn’t even keep uup with the ‘easy L’ or the ‘shuffle kicks’. I looked a HOT MESS!!!

When the class finished I was dripping with sweat and slightly confused as to why I put myself through it.

I lift my hat off to those who are able to endure step aerobics!!

Not so ‘Precious’ in London

Just went to see Precious at The Vue in Angel, Islington. Amaaaazing venue-never had so much leg room in my life. Thumbs up for that!! However, I was searching online/ringing up cinemas for a whole day to try to find tickets for the Oscar nominated film, not because of  an influx in ticket sales, but because it was only showing in selected cinemas! I was shocked , all the adverts and interviews surrounding the films release had amounted to nothing. I even tried to find tickets for next week and some cinemas did not even have it scheduled for release next week. Why is this?? If the film is Oscar worthy…why is it being hidden from the British public?

The film touched on so many issues which many would choose to keep locked up, by bringing these issues to light it gave those people who have been afraid to openly talk about their experiences a voice!

Precious is an unsung hero!

The opening scene catapults you into the unstable life of Precious. We instantly gain an insight into her troubled and abusive home in which she is over fed and neglected by her parents. The horrific scenes of sexual and physical abuse will almost certainly bring you to tears. It felt as though I was a fly on the wall during every scene of the film. The emotive script and believable characters will definitely immerse you into every scene.

The film really homes in on issues which most films tend to ignore. For once you are given a film experience where you don’t come out wishing you could be like the character or have a particular lifestyle…but you hopefully appreciate what you do have.

The only negative I can say about my experience whilst watching the film was the audience. The audience did not seem to relate to the characters and plot like I did. They would laugh at very inappropriate moments, like when Precious was being physically abused or when she was struggling to read. There were two girls sitting behind me who burst into fits of laugher when Precious would pronounce a word in her stong Brooklyn accent that they did not understand. They started to mimic her voice and one commented ‘shes actually really big’, they seemed to find a very serious film unexpectedly funny. This definitely baffled me!!

Many people in the audience found the accent of one of the characters utterly amusing. The girl had a strong Jamaican accent, and  when she spoke many people from the audience would burst into laughter. Surely this was not the first time they had heard a Jamaican accent? Yes I understand that ‘Jamaican English’ does sound different and the words are pronounced differently. But surely people should embrace unfamiliar cultures not mock them.

 I thought I was living in the famous multi-cultural city we call London…it certainly didn’t feel like it tonight.






Ummm I am a bit lost for words…still trying to work out how to use this blogging malarkey!! It took me 15mins to figure out how to post something onto my wall. In a way its sort of like  facebook with all the posts/walls etc. But blogging makes me feel slightly more sophisticated, if you know what I mean. Having a blog somehow elevates me within the social netowrking world. ‘I have a blog Darling, I’m soo 2010’.

I am going to try and keep you updated with everything going on in my ever so ‘hetic’ lifestyle (I wish)!!

Is this quiet enough??Stay posted…

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