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Someone has to do it!

Youtube seems to be one of my best friends at the moment. I use it a lot for research- I do!!

I stumbled across this!

Amazing!!!!!! I want to leave my job like that. Ahhh he stole all of the snacks!! Surely someone must have seen the camera man though. I’m just going to keep thinking that his friend was invisible it makes me happy haha!

Another exit to make you smile!

Umm I’m slightly scared-I hope he’s ok.

Another one, the guy in this one looks like he is having a lot of fun!!!

I’m guessing he didn’t get a brilliant reference from his boss. Very creative way to leave though!

I don’t think I’m brave enough to leave my job, but when I am I’m going to do it in style! Umm I will probably only say goodbye to two of my managers…because I’m a rebel like that!!