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Would you cry if she died…?

As you know, I LOVE listening to conversations during my daily commutes- it keeps me entertained. The other day I was on the bus and was extremely concerned about what I heard.

There were two Girls on the bus sitting opposite me, talking really loudly and slightly oblivious to those around them.

Girl 1:’Would you cry if she died?’

Girl 2: Hmmm, yeah probably- I mean it would be sad. I would get over it though.

Girl2: I mean I would feel bad for calling her fat I guess. Yes, I would feel bad.

Girl1: Have you seen what she wears though? Hahahaa.

Then I looked at them and had to shake my head. They both fell silent and literally were lost for words. I then got off the bus. They probably resumed their conversation, but at least they thought about their behaviour for a few minutes. I felt I should have done more, but lecturing them would probably have sent them into a resounding chorus of ‘tuts’ and ‘whatevers’.

Sometimes, you need to give a Bully a mirror…